North Fourth Street, Hannibal

Trinity Episcopal Church, designed by Joseph A. Miller in the Gothic Revival style, has a history going back over 150 years in Hannibal. The stained glass windows have an excellent pedigree of our own Emil Frei & Associates alongside Louis Comfort Tiffany. It might not be the largest church in the city, but it must have some of the most beautiful windows.

Next door is this truly interesting four-family apartment building, which is receiving some work on its southern tower. I suspect that the center second floor might have originally been a porch accessible with french windows, but I am not sure.

No self-respecting St. Louis brick mason would have left such sloppy joints on the corners! It is interesting to see how other cities laid brick.

The original wood shingles, painted yellow, as well as a dentillated cornice on the two dormers are added touches that show that this building was once much more ornate.

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