North on Compton Avenue #4: Gravois Park from Winnebago to Miami Streets, Revisited

This next stretch of Compton Avenue is really spectacular, with a wide variety of housing stock. See the east side of the street from June of 2017. You can see the west side here.

There are more one-story bungalows, built as a tract, but I always find it interesting how they change and diversify over one hundred years.

Some not for the better.

Evidence of lack of maintenance which is creeping into the neighborhood also shows up in rental properties.

Update: The building below was demolished in June of 2023.

Other interesting buildings such as the one below are left vacant and vandalized.

But then we see this fantastic Gingerbread house plopped down in the middle.

Other houses are well maintained.

While more abandonment appears.

Then facing Gravois Park itself, there is this imposing edifice, facing north.

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