North Taylor Through Lewis Place and The Ville

Update: To see where Taylor ends at St. Louis Avenue, click on this post from October 2018.

Wow, what a difference a few blocks can make. Heading north on Delmar, there’s the inevitable feeling that disinvestment has taken its toll on the neighborhoods. I agree that it looks like brick thieves have moved west past Grand and have begun to hit houses seemingly right out in the open.

I think the building below might be the old parish house for the now gone Holy Ghost Church. It’s a great building, though isolated now.
I know that one of these two buildings is seriously out of kilter, but each one told me it’s the other one. Who to believe?

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  1. The third photo is indeed the rectory for old Holy Ghost; the church was adjacent. The nuns' convent was next to the rectory and is gone as well. The larger building around the corner is the old school.I think the rectory is now an apartment building.

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