Northeast Fairgrounds Neighborhood

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 052

The streets southwest of West Florissant Avenue are lined with beautiful houses, many of which are still occupied, while others are being reclaimed by nature.

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 053

This quiet street is lined with older buildings than much of the Fairgrounds neighborhood, and sadly that means they’re more likely to be abandoned.

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 054

Which is a shame, because it is still in such good, stout condition. If only things would change.

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 055

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  1. glenda blocker says:

    My mother in law lived at 4241 warne in thr late 50s you could eat off the sidewalk things were so clean! We had national foods, and salleys dress shop, a bakery, and christian hospital things were great, what happen l miss this time and place very much north county a great place to live.

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