Northeast Side of Crunden-Martin, October 2021

I photographed the east side of Crunden-Martin back in the summer of 2020, and not much had changed. The hulking buildings are still vacant, and are built of a sort of pale red brick. A portion of the terracotta cornice, which may have been white or cream-colored when it was originally installed but has turned black from soot, has broken off at some point.

The giant cartouche, with the date of construction is a standout feature; I’ve always wondered why the height of the rooflines do not match up on either side of this point.

A long concrete train trestle snakes through the area, where there was once a warehouse that was destroyed by fire back in 2014.

Other than a soaring tower that stretches power lines across the river, there is very little left in this area, which was once densely settled in the Nineteenth Century.

The huge swath of grass was once the Servco building, which burned in early 2014.

Now there is a weird no-man’s land under the various trestles and interstate approaches to the Poplar Street Bridge, where there is little activity.

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