Oak Hill Cemetery, Youngstown

Located across the Mahoning River from downtown Youngstown, Oak Hill Cemetery takes its name from the neighborhood in which it is located.

Founded in 1853 by a group of prominent citizens, the it fits in nicely with the Rural Cemetery Movement that took off in the years before the Civil War. Interestingly, the cemetery does not seem to have its own website.

The site is rugged, but it does flatten out up on top of the ridge.

There are some nice mausolea, as well.

Besides the prominent tombs, there was also a potters’ fields for the indigent, and an endowment for the care of the cemetery was set up in the early Twentieth Century.

The most prominent mausolea are located on the winding front entrance drive that wends its way up from Oak Hill Avenue, coming up from the bridge that crosses over the Mahoning from downtown.

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