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  1. Adele H says:

    This is another McKee property. In 2014 Northside Regeneration announced said they were turning it into “Veterans Landing”, a resource center for veterans…..
    Not holding my breath.

  2. Thomas F Maher says:

    The only time I took a Greyhound (apart from Army days in the ’60), was in 2005 to Nashville to fetch a car.
    I thought the bank’ interior was just fascinating; marble (?), brass, and decorations. There was even a balcony on two or three sides, on which I presume were offices of the factotums.
    The neighborhood was “quite rough” – this as for a midnight trip, nd my intention was to take a cab from Kirkwood to where Bi-State ran in the City and to proceed further. The cabbie pleaded with me to abandon that plan, as he was familiar with the area; I acquiesced – and was glad I did.
    Waiting in the huge room was very interesting from a people-watching perspective …
    Its immediate predecessor was built sometime around 1960+/-, and was huge, with many amenities. This is the one I recall from Army days (and also dropping off daughter for college in the late ’80s). It was razed in the early ’90s for whatever the Dome/America’s Center is now called.

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