One More Cupples Warehouse

Update: This is Cupples 9, and was renovated successfully.

The only other Cupples Warehouse sitting empty, besides #7, is this one. In some ways, not counting the collapsed roof, this building, which is flagged for renovation, has more problems with its brick facade than its long suffering neighbor.

I love this railroad tunnel in the side of the building; I can only imagine what it must have looked like as a train pulled into the siding, allowing for goods to be unloaded into the warehouse.

The aspect of the Cupples Warehouses that I like the most is that while none of the buildings are identical, they all have a certain flavor to them that unifies them.

There is still a large amount of density down here, and the loss of even one building could hurt that.

Tomorrow, we will look at the future of the area, and see what it portends.

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  1. Laura says:

    Which building is this, with the neat railroad tunnel? Do you know what it’s called, numbered, or the address? Do you know what business was here? Is this building still standing? If not, when was it taken down?

    BTW, love your site – you should write books!!!

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