Page Boulevard, Lewis Place

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It’s such a shame to see such buildings along Page, with the rushing traffic decreasing desirability of the houses. Unlike most major boulevards, Page has a lot of residential and not just storefronts. Look at those two apartment buildings above, one with pink granite on its facade! One might suspect there was a third mate in the middle that’s been demolished.

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I don’t know if this American Arts Associates organization ever came or not.

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  1. wp says:

    That’s my building in the top pic that’s cut off next to the pink bldg. Even my car lol. That bldg. had been in our family since the 1950s. My family were some of the first blacks to live on that end of Page. There’s a twin bldg. directly behind us that’s falling apart though.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks! Sorry I cut off your building!

      1. wp says:

        I honestly didn’t notice the apts to the left of us were twins until now. The empty lot I believe was a grey bldg. I’m too young to remember, but I heard it was destroyed by fire. The pink bldg. is vacant and once again has had its door kicked in. The empty grass lot on Page and Cora was once a bldg. similar to 4625 Page. 4623 Vernon looks even cooler than our bldg. imo. I didn’t know 4622 Page had a twin until I was an adult.

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