Page Boulevard

Page Boulevard is one of the great avenues that passes straight through North St. Louis, providing a fascinating view straight toward the Mercantile Tower, or whatever it’s called this week. Lining the grand boulevard is an amazing mix of public and private buildings, often loving preserved or severely deteriorating.

Much of the housing is abandoned, collapsing and destitute, but yet still clings to a certain dignity; it could be easily renovated if there was the willpower.

This building above sits in relatively good condition, illustrating how simple maintenance protects historic structures easily.

I would love to have a Corinthian portico on my house! This august residence above needs some restoration, but its columns with their acanthus capitals could come back to life.

This former synagogue is now under the protection of another congregation, keeping it safe for the time being.

But yet, some life clings to buildings such as the ones above; perhaps Page came return to its former glory.

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