Playing Around With My New Camera

Test Photos 029

I finally have my new camera, to which many of you generously donated money, up and running with a wide angle lens. I thought I should drive around and take some pictures of long or tall buildings to show it off. Above the MacArthur Bridge. Below, warehouses on the Near North Riverfront.

Test Photos 041

Here is the quarter-mile long Cotton Belt Freight Depot.

Test Photos 034

St. Augustine’s in St. Louis Place.

Test Photos 045

And a row of houses in Benton Park ; the breadth I can achieve now is much higher, and we should see more interesting pictures in the future. I’m still learning to use the camera, so the picture below is sort of dark, but I’m learning.

Test Photos 018

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  1. Doug says:

    Happy to hear that you got your new camera.

    The photo of St. Augustine’s is wonderful.

  2. Ray Phillips says:

    Hey Chris! To avoid the dark images, set the camera’s metering mode to “Spot Metering”. The default meters the entire image. Since you have bright sky and dark houses, the camera will set the exposure somewhere in the middle. The end result is a still-too-bright sky and darker-than-wanted houses. Spot metering will meter for whatever is in the middle of the image (or elsewhere, I believe you can choose the “spot”). Hope that helps!

  3. Chris says:

    I seem to remember a statue perched atop that column on the riverfront. Any idea what happened to it?

  4. Ann says:

    Ah grasshopper – now that you have the camera, next you need Lightroom! But more seriously, I can help you adjust some stuff – let me know what you use as a photo uploader to your computer.

    Also – there was a statue on that column, yes… an angel. I have a picture of it somewhere… but I think it’s been gone fora while… 🙁

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