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  1. Alan says:

    The original Kansas St. (was renamed Holly Hills ) bridge was built in the late 18 70’s had a wood deck and much fancier railings. It was modeled after the Eads Bridge. It was destroyed in the early 70’s by a load of steel loaded onto a MOPAC freight train too high. The only thing surviving were the bridge abutments. The irony in the event is that the load of steel came from Stump Brothers Bridge and Iron Company on Weber Rd. the very company that supplied the steel for the original bridge. MOPAC was forced to replace the bridge with a similar looking structure. Unfortunately, not an exact replica. Part of the “air” of that portion of Carondelet Park was lost that day forever.

  2. Alan says:

    In my previous comment it should have stated Stupp Brothers Bridge and Iron, not Stump. Auto correct nailed me…

    1. Alan Creek says:

      I managed to get one of the ornate posts from the original bridge right after it happened. I will be donating it to the Carondelet Historical Society. I have had it for over 50 years. The original bridge had way more character.

      I would have had a complete section of rail had not a crabby old man made me put it down. I am sure it just got scrapped and lost forever.

      1. cnaffziger says:

        Thanks for sharing your memory, Alan!

  3. Yojimbo says:

    Excellent story, Alan.

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