Robert E. Lee Riverboat Staying in St. Louis

Update: The Robert E. Lee burned down, and the Admiral was sold for scrap.

The Post-Dispatch reports that local father and son have bought the Robert E. Lee, a semi-historic riverboat that was once the highest grossing restaurant in St. Louis. I remember it fondly, along with White Castle, as the first restaurant I ate at back in 1985. It was really good, and I wish it were still around in that form. But luckily, St. Louisans have decided their heritage should stay here.

Which brings me to the real point: what will happen to the Admiral? It is arguably more historic than the Robert E. Lee, but the writing has been on the wall with the old Albatross for several years; it will be sold for scrap in a decade if no one in St. Louis rises to the occasion as the two gentlemen have for the Robert E. Lee. The Admiral’s life as a casino is rapidly coming to a close; it is no longer a question of if, but of when.

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  1. It’s a lot more historic than the Robert E. Lee. It’s the only Deco riverboat period, it was the first on the Mississippi to have air conditioning, and it’s the largest river cruise ship in the world.It must be saved and restored to it’s prior condition and use.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree, Doug; the Admiral is so much more important than the Robert E. Lee. I kinda wished they would have saved their 200K to buy it a few years down the road.

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