Saint Louis University

The SLU campus has a wide variety of buildings, including this old Jesuit church, which is now the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art.

Nearby was an interesting, almost Modernist grade school.

I really like the severe features of this depiction of Christ, on the front facade.

There’s something weird about the windows on the large windows on the central portion of this building; I suspect they’re not original.

This house is a survivor; living through the demolitions that swept away its other residential neighbors of the Nineteenth Century.

Despite all of the demolition, you still do get a sense that SLU is in the center of the city, as these stunning skyscrapers north of campus loom above you.

What a great ensemble of Early Twentieth Century Eclecticism; the three buildings could inspire future development in the area of so many parking lots.

The original building, sitting on Lindell, and Grand Boulevards, is still an impressive building that I wish could have inspired more of SLU’s expansions.

The green copper roofs on this building fit in with SLU’s rebranding back in the 1990’s, but look strange and awkward; it’s still a mediocre building.

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  1. W. White says:

    Your photos are not showing up on this post, but hopefully you took some of O’Brien and Pruellage Halls. They have been demolished for greenspace in order for Saint Louis University to follow its University Strategic Plan and become a leader in just land use and responsible urban design.

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