SaLees Kennard House, Midtown


Update: The back wing of the house has collapsed, as of December 1, 2016. At some point by mid-December of 2018, the remaining western side wall suffered a catastrophic collapse, threatening the structural integrity of the house. It was demolished in April of 2019.

I wrote about this desolate block of Samuel Shepard Drive last month, discovering that a daughter of the founder of the Veiled Prophet probably lived here.



It is marked for demolition by the State of Missouri, which owns the properties around here.


Easily repaired, and separate from the main building structurally, I’m sure this is the excuse they’re using.


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  1. W. White says:

    Nice house. Since it is boarded up, there is probably some historic interior fabric left. It should be restored, but the State of Missouri seems to be making a habit of neglecting historic St. Louis area buildings they own but do not want.

  2. Justin says:

    Seems like they could just tear down that back addition and retain the rest of the structure. Unfortunate that they will tear it down instead.

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