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I attended an open house last Monday where opponents of the ridiculous new development in the Howard Bend floodplain presented their opposition to the project. The open house featured great exhibits on why we don’t need more sprawl in the Maryland Heights area, and by default–since the region fits together like a jigsaw puzzle–eastern Chesterfield as well. I was shocked to learn that Westport Plaza, already generating income for Maryland Heights, has some serious vacancy issues. Even more bizarrely, many of the proposed tenants of Howard Bend development already reside in Maryland Heights–so the city is already getting their tax dollars.

I know the reason: the Cult of the New, as I call it. Maryland Heights is terrified that companies and the general public have adopted a throwaway mentality for buildings, and not just fast food wrappers. Ten years old? Time to move on and discard the old.

Luckily, there’s no money for the new roads.

Update: Stimulus money allowed for the completion of the 141 extension through Howard Bend.

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  1. Greenbelt. In reality a highway went through the park. Say goodbye.

  2. klc says:

    I am so tired of people saying “in reality..” or “there’s nothing we can do” that’s why we’re in the big dark crappy hole we’re in. Just because they did one thing we should let everything slide? You have to draw a line somewhere and even if it’s a little late, we are drawing the line here. The endless cycle of needless development and taxpayer subsidies needs to stop. If no one ever does or says anything, then it will never change. sorry for the rant. Kim

  3. Brigitte says:

    I was looking forward to meeting you and am sorry to have missed you – I must have been involved in talking to people. So glad you came! It is not time for goodbye. We need to get the word out. Many, many people are completely unaware of what is happening. I know this because at the open house, I saw countless faces walking around with shocked expressions.

  4. Chris says:

    I’m sorry I missed you; I arrived pretty early in the evening. I hope the rest of the event went well; I asked around but couldn’t find you.

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