Sisters of St. Peter Claver

Old North, Link, Sunset Memorial Park 450

Update: The convent is still active and occupied.

We couldn’t figure out if this small convent in Town and Country, off of old Route 141 was still occupied. There is a redevelopment notice posted out front saying that a school is moving in. The nuns were there as late as 2013. The property is well-maintained, but there were no signs of life around. I find these small religious structures tucked away in hidden corners of the county fascinating.

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

    Apparently only three sisters lived there, at least in 2013 – see:
    June story on its closing and development into St. Austin’s, a Catholic (non-parochial) grade school from the blog of a TC gadfly – scroll down about an inch or so:

    That is a huge chunk of mega-dollar value property. That school must have some bigga-buck donors. It’s a “traditional,” pre-modern Church school, apparently…

  2. Gloria says:

    The Sisters of St. Peter Claver still reside in this convent at 667 S. Woods Mill Rd. Their efforts over several years to sell the property to appropriate buyers in keeping with the existing zoning laws were not approved by the City of Town and Country. A this time (2021) 5 sisters from different countries and continents reside there. In keeping with the mission of their congregation, they raise awareness of very poor missions in various countries and raise funds to support those foreign communities, often assisting with access to basic human needs and education.
    Sisters of St. Peter Claver
    667 Woods Mill Rd. S., P.O.Box 6067
    Chesterfield, Missouri. 63006-6067 USA
    Tel: 001 314 469-4932
    In North America:

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Gloria, that’s great news!

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