Sole Survivor, Scott Avenue

Update: Now the home of Arch Reactor.

Why is this building still here, and the other fifty building within a two block radius all gone? It is one of the great mysteries of urban renewal; why do the wrecking balls only take 98% of the building stock, and not 100%?

Was the owner particularly tenacious, or had a friend who could provide inexpensive legal representation? Was it owned by a large corporation? Did the owners have friends at City Hall?

Regardless, looking for the UPS depot one day in Google Maps, I spotted this sole survivor of the clearing of Mill Creek Valley.

Dixie Cream Donuts seems to still be in business, but I’m not sure if it’s the same company. Just look at the Sanborn map below; can you imagine the bustling neighborhood below before it was destroyed for the interstates?

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  1. I've long wondered about this building when driving East on US40; the name just sounded SO good that it made me hungry!It is owned by a member of/the whole family that owns the Lochhead Vanilla Company, headquartered in Fenton (a pretty big and renowned outfit). The building is maintained and the taxes are up to day.I just noticed the painted flour sacks between the windows on the top floor – after all of these years!The current Dixie Cream Company does franchises and apparently has a loyal following; the nearest here is in Columbia, MO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This building was once the Imperial Flour Company warehouse. I am assuming that the flour sacks might indicate that. I worked at UPS from 1985 to 1987 and thats how I know. I loved the building back then.

  3. Gary Skelton says:

    I remember in 1962 my dad & mother started a donut shop in ft. pierce fla. At that time Jim Bryant was vp of Dixie cream flour co. and his sister was pres. I think her name was Hubbs or Hubbard

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