St. Augustine, Before the Tornado


Valued reader Bob Shea passed along this fantastic and incredibly valuable photograph of St. Augustine from Der Herald des Glaubens, before it was damaged by the tornado and rebuilt in its current, deteriorating condition. The original rectory, replaced in 1928, is on the right. It’s interesting, as the original spire on the left almost doesn’t work aesthetically as well as the current one. God using nature to improve on the design? See the current church here.

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  1. Carol Hoagland says:

    My mother said she attended St. Augustine School I think around 1919. I can’t find anything about the school. Do you have any info.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Carol, the Archdiocese’s archives, staffed by a friendly and helpful staff, have many of the files from closed parishes and their schools.

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