St. Francis de Sales and Its Corner

Copyright St. Louis Patina -1559

Update: Update began on the building above in April of 2023.

St. Francis de Sales anchors a multi-cornered intersection. The building above is a great example of a Mansard roofed store front with some funky 1950’s fake stone added to it. Below is what should not happen to a major intersection; parking has replaced a business. There’s plenty of street parking in the area, I assure you.

Another corner seems to have adopted the fake stone decades ago to update their storefront.

Below, an essentially dead corner due to the presence of a completely vacant parking lot.

Update: The building below has been renovated.

And finally, a storefront that once perhaps served churchgoers that streamed out for lunch on Sunday afternoon, much as Amighetti’s is still packed on the weekend. The demotion of the church from parish status does little to help the intersection.

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  1. Latin Mass says:

    St. Francis de Sales is one of the fastest growing churches in the City. With two Masses on Sunday and the 10am Solemn High Mass alost full. A growing home school co- op that meets on Wednesdays. That is expected to double in size this fall adding 9-12 grades.This place is alive….You should visit.

  2. Chris says:

    I stand corrected.

  3. Latin Mass says:

    Not corrected…A lot of people just don’t know. The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign hasn’t been here that long, and some only report the negitive.Great blog BTW!

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