St. Liborius, Interior, Revisited

Easily the posts that have elicited the strongest emotions from my readers have been the ones concerning St. Liborius, which was converted into a skate park after the previous owners had begun to let the building slip into property tax default.

I recently made a return visit, and there are several changes in process at SK8 Liborius. First and foremost, the skating ramps have been removed for the most part, and casual skaters are now no longer allowed inside the building.

There is now a large half-pipe, like the one in this picture, that will only be used by professional skaters who have been invited to skate in the church.

The large paintings on the walls of the nave have been left untouched and will continue to grace the spaces above Gothic arches in between the nave and aisle.

Overall, the building is in much better shape due to being occupied and used, and has not suffered the same fate of many abandoned churches that I have documented throughout the city.

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  1. Tim Long says:

    Sad but at least the church is still standing.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      And we certainly now know viscerally what happens when a congregation cannot affect repairs in time to fix an acute problem:

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