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  1. Tom Bartholow says:

    There’s something so “locomotive” about that facade. It’s handsome, really, in a steampunk kind of way.

  2. JDShaner says:

    I can’t believe those windows are actually operable! How heavy is one of those sashes?!

    1. W. White says:

      They are probably several hundred lbs. per sash. However, I imagine there was a very substantial weight and pulley system (likely using wire or chain and not the cloth sash cords seen in residential sashes) that made opening and closing the windows easy. After all, those windows were the ventilation for man and machine, working along with a clerestory that cannot be seen in the photograph. If you worked there in the summer, you would want those huge sashes to open easily.

      I will say that those are probably the largest operable sash windows I can recall seeing. They are pretty amazing, which is why I am sure they will be destroyed if the building is ever renovated.

  3. Martin White says:

    Who owns this? Is it for sale? Who was archiyrctgbl..

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Unknown architect, built originally for St. Louis Transit Company. I am sure it is for sale, for the right price. Owned by an LLC registered at the address of Koplar Properties.

  4. ME says:

    Interesting. I drive past this every day & have wondered what its original use was. Whats left of the roof is in pretty bad shape. Hopefully someone sees the value in restoring the bldg soon. Would make a great venue as a theater, concert hall, or event space, etc…

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