St. Martin de Porres, Hazelwood

While unfortunately marked as being one of dozens of parishes that closed on August 1, St. Martin de Porres Roman Catholic Church is an exceptional example of Modernist architecture in North County.

Showing clear influence of Notre-Dame de Haut in Ronchamp, France with its graceful reinforced concrete roof, it also is anchored by three white pylons at the corners.

The back of the church rushes up to the high altar at the front of the church, where outside a cross completes the top of the roof.

The church opened in 1962 and was designed by architects John C. McEwen and Robert F. Rodriguez

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  1. Steve Mamanella says:

    Hi Chris. Though it’s been renovated and expanded over the years, St. Clare of Assisi in Ellisville was designed similarly to St. Martin de Porres in Hazelwood. St. Clare remains open. See: for an early parish church photo.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Thank you! I actually knew a John Dollard growing up out that way. I wonder if they were related.

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