St. Mary’s Concordia Hall Facing the Wrecking Ball, Clayton

Update: The nearby St. Mary of the Angels Convent was demolished in 2019.

Having learned about the impending demolition of the historic Concordia Hall at Vanishing St. Louis, I rushed over on Friday to get some pictures. Demolition was well underway, and with an apparent gusto.

I like this building; it’s simple, but elegant, and even the damage caused already by wreckers can’t hide its simple, beautiful design.

The little coat of arms, made out of colored brick, is a nice touch. Sadly, it will be gone soon.

One thing that is surprising about the demolition is the distance the wrecking ball was being swung out over Clayton Road.

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  1. CC LARK says:

    Ten years later. Grieve still the loss of a beautiful historic building which held decades of memories and could have rooms for nurses other single professionals without insane rent cost. Destroyed by people with a new “idea”

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Wow, has it really been twelve years? So sad to see this historic complex thrown away.

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