Statues in the Window, Tower Grove South

Update: There is another Roman Catholic statue store on Virginia Avenue in Dutchtown.

This is the perfect opportunity to announce to readers that I’ve created a new tag for Sculpture, which I realized filled a need that the Monuments tag was not filling. Now of course, some monuments will also get the Sculpture tag, but I feel like as this site expands and matures, the addition of new tags improves the visitor’s experience. This storefront, at the southeast corner of Miami Street and Roger Place, has an interesting collection of Roman Catholic statues, most likely retrieved from closed parishes, I suspect. Above, I spot St. Anthony of Padua holding the Christ Child, and over on the right, with the smashed wheel, St. Catherine of Alexandria. Below, there is the Virgin of Guadalupe (I’ve been to her sanctuary north of Mexico City–it’s pretty amazing), and over on the right, is St. Barbara.

Luckily St. Mary Euphrasia is labeled because I would have never figured her out.

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  1. Allison Smith says:

    This business is called Restorations Plus and is owned by Michele Bowman. I can vouch for the amazing quality of their work. You can visit their website here

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thank you! What a cool business!

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