Penrose, July 2022, Part One, North Newstead Avenue and Environs

I’ll be honest; I got totally lost in the Penrose on Saturday. I really love the neighborhood because it’s so hidden away and so few people know about. I wanted to get back and see how it was doing, and show off more of its great, well-kept streets and tidy streets. But I don’t know…

The South Side, Peoria

My trip up to Central Illinois in mid June took me to all sorts of random surprises, including several new churches and other sights, and that is why I enjoy doing what I do. It is often totally random. But sometimes my totally random path takes me through neighborhoods that tell stories that I don’t…

Checking Up on McKee Land

Little has changed where Paul McKee owns vast swaths of real estate since I went by this area last year. There are still abandoned and fire-gutted buildings. Update: By July of 2022, the ruins below were finally torn down. The large apartment building on St. Louis Avenue is still sitting as a burned out shell….

Oregon Avenue Between Winnebago and Miami Streets, Gravois Park

Editor’s Note: Due to the malfunctioning of St. Louis Patina in mid-January 2022, the original text of this post was lost. In the future, the commentary will be rewritten, but in the meantime, the post’s photos that survived the website crash will be presented as is.