LaSalle Building Rehabilitated

The renovation of the historic LaSalle Building is now complete, and it has opened as a Hotel Indigo. I took a peek inside a couple of weeks ago and it is really beautiful inside and out. As I had mentioned before, despite being next to the densest concentration of workers in the St. Louis region…

Details, Wainwright Tomb

I’ve been coming by the Wainwright Tomb (designed by Louis Sullivan for the same man as the office building downtown) for over a decade, and it’s interesting to see how it’s changed over the years.

Redevelopment on Broadway

Update: Renovation of the LaSalle Building into a Hotel Indigo is now complete. A long-forgotten stretch of Broadway is finally seeing redevelopment. First up is the LaSalle Building, which I have photographed in the past, but that Built St. Louis has covered with much better images. Korte Construction has a great page explaining its renovation…

Jefferson Avenue, Between Arsenal and Gravois

Continuing north, here is the west side of Jefferson between Arsenal and Gravois. The following building, the Gravois Theater, was next, but has been demolished. From here, this is Jefferson from Gravois south to Arsenal.

Union Trust Building, Reopened

The Union Trust Building has reopened as a boutique hotel, Hotel St. Louis, after languishing in vacancy for at least a decade. I approve of how it turned out. There was no way to return the building to its original Adler and Sullivan design, so they returned the exterior during the renovation to its 1927…

Lancaster, Wisconsin

On my way from the Effigy Mounds to Dubuque, I missed a turn and ended up heading into Lancaster, Wisconsin. I passed by a sign announcing that it was the “City of the Dome,” and as I rounded a bend into town, I spotted a rich red and orange building peeking through the greenery of…

Bellefontaine Cemetery, Early August 2018

For some reason I had never noticed the Spink Mausoleum hiding in the trees, with its massive stylized Ionic columns flanking its bronzes doors. An upside-down torch symbolizes life ended, as that is how you extinguish a torch. I have never extinguished a torch, so I will have to take their word for it. I…

Wainwright Tomb Interior, Revisited

I photographed the interior of the Wainwright Tomb all the way back in November of 2008. It still is just as beautiful today as it was back then.

Chemical Building from Across Olive

I went to a panel discussion in the Laclede Gas Building, and took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Chemical Building across the street. The contrast with the Old Post Office creates one of my favorite street corners in the city.

Union Trust Building from Across the Street

The Union Trust Building is one of my favorite Louis Sullivan buildings, and I was able to find the parking garage across the street to be open and accessible for me to get some shots with my iPhone. I’ll be back with a better camera soon.