Grandview Place

Sitting on the edge of the city line, Grandview Place is a short street, now truncated by the interstate, that once was probably a quiet streetcar suburban destination. To the east, the residents could probably see the black cloud of smoke hanging over the city, and afforded great views when the wind blew the haze…

Lindell Bank, Hi-Pointe

It’s interesting to see how Lindell Bank created a certain look that continued into its different branches.

Clayton Avenue Apartments

This apartment building reminds me more of something I would see in Chicago, with its horseshoe interior courtyard. The ornament is both Spanish and Moorish at the same time. The switch from red brick had fully arrived.

Dewey School

Another of the great Ittner/Milligan legacy, the Dewey School was designed by Rockwell Milligan in 1917. It has a great mixture of styles, including Romanesque and Moorish elements. Like many of their schools, there is no central portal, but two twin portals located in the central wing, near the projecting side wings. Holy settling, Batman!

Amoco Sign

The Amoco Sign actually originally was another brand name, but the cool Modernist gas station below it still serves the busy corner of Skinker and Clayton. It’s one of two gas stations built in the middle of Clayton Road, the other being at Big Bend.

Clayton, Oakland and Skinker/McCausland

Is there any better example of the hatred of the pedestrian illustrated in concrete and asphalt than the amalgam of highways, streets and avenues that converge at the Hi-Pointe?

Interstate Interference

The permanent damage wrought on the City of St. Louis can no better be shown than standing on the Clayton Avenue overpass, where the roar of the interstate is deafening. Dead Man’s Curve, as I call it, is a perfect example of how too narrow of a road has been squeezed into too small of…

Deaconess Hospital, Coming Down

The story of the Deaconesses, a German organization whose women members dedicated their lives to helping the sick, is amazing, and its mission continues. Sadly, their hospital on Oakland, long a landmark to Forest Park visitors and commuters on Highway 40, is rapidly coming down.  There was even more demolished in the two weeks since…


I’m surprised I’ve never covered the heart of Dogtown, which sits on a relatively elevated location on the western edge of the city. The heart of the area is Tamm Avenue, where the neighborhood’s Irish heritage comes out. Dogtown was just always a solid, working-class neighborhood; the name supposedly comes from the dogs left out…