Clayton, Oakland and Skinker/McCausland

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Is there any better example of the hatred of the pedestrian illustrated in concrete and asphalt than the amalgam of highways, streets and avenues that converge at the Hi-Pointe?

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  1. Justin says:

    I live pretty close to this intersection and you’re right it is a mess. However, they re did all the crosswalks recently and it is certainly an improvement over what was there before. Still much improvement could be made.

  2. S. Fowler says:

    Justin, I’m interested as to what other improvements you would implement? (realizing Justin may not come back to read this, anyone else is welcome to make suggestions as well.)

    1. Justin says:

      Not really sure to be honest, but removal of the clayton road highway ramp might be a possible way to improve and reduce complexity given the proximity of the big bend, bellvue and mcausland highway exits. Although this type of thing would need to researched to make sure we’re not trading one problem for another.

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