Along the Old Railroad Line in Kirksville

The railroad used to go through Kirksville, until it was ripped out unceremoniously my freshman year for scrap metal. For years there was a large, muddy trench left in its wake, but I was pleased to see that it has been converted to a bike trail. But what is cool is that many of the…

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Update: The museum and visitors’ center is now complete. One of the best parties I went to in college consisted of two houses, the Green House and the White House combining forces for live music and debauchery. I guess it was only a matter of time before Truman got ahold of them to end the…

Forest Llewelyn Cemetery, Kirksville

The original cemetery of Kirksville is a fascinating, strange place to observe the different styles of tombstones and monuments over the course of the last 150 years. If you look closely at the stone below, you can see a woman crying on another woman’s shoulder.

Kirksville High School

Update: I photographed it another time in 2012. The high school was finally demolished in the summer of 2019. Like much of America, Kirksville ditched its historic, pedestrian friendly high school for a sprawling suburban, car oriented building on the outskirts of town in the 1950’s. The old high school has sat empty for decades….

A Chopped Off Mansion, Kirksville

It may be hard to believe, but the building shown in these two pictures once was a massive mansion that rose no fewer than four stories tall. Then one day, some genius decided to tear down the top three floors and leave the trunk of the building to become a supermarket. If you look closely,…