The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 42: Virginia Avenue Between Itaska and Mount Pleasant Streets

Moving past Itaska, we see one of the few buildings that is blatantly abandoned, with missing windows on the second floor. But then we see these tan brick-fronted bungalows, with wonderful white and tan alternating rounded arch doorways and pressed tin cornices and pinnacles.

But as often happens, the lives of these four houses have taken different paths over the last century.

In-fill housing and storefronts from the mid-Twentieth Century pops up, either from something that was demolished, or from land that had always sat empty, which happens sometimes.

This building below was probably originally a store, but is now a church.

Turning around and heading south after reaching Mount Pleasant Street, there is a row of nice two-family apartment buildings, continuing the theme of Virginia Avenue being a mix of residential and commercial.

There are single family bungalows with a jerkinhead roof below.

And then four-family and two-family flat apartment buildings from around the turn of the Twentieth Century which stretch down the block.

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