The Beauty of Dutchtown, 75: Northeast Corner of Keokuk Street and Bamberger Avenues

Essentially four six-family apartment buildings built together in a cogent whole in 1929, this building rejects the Tudor Revival of the building right across the street, and while also a U-shape complex, it rotates 90 degrees clockwise, breaking up the streetwall of Keokuk.

I guess I would describe this as moving towards the Art-Deco, judging from those square spandrels. But look at those crenellations on the parapet.

The “convex” side of the building is intimidating along Keokuk!

But just look at those brick details, particularly in the herringbone brickwork. Sadly, those are not the original doors nor light fixtures.

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  1. Cindy Rice says:

    Thanks for what you do Chris!

  2. Mark Preston says:

    In England, a building is not considered a “Castle” unless it has crenelations. Hence the now Windsor Castle, before Queen Victoria added them was known as Windsor House. And this is an official (or legal) act, in England.

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