The Grove, January 2020

Update: The building above was demolished, and then the Preservation Review Board, at the behest of the citizens, forced the owners to rebuild it.

If there’s any neighborhood that’s changed the most dramatically as far as the built environment goes in the last decade, it has to be the Grove. Sure, there has been more new construction north of Highway 40, Interstate 64, but something about the way there has been a massive amount of rehabbing combined with new construction in such a small area makes this neighborhood unique. And there is still a lot of room left.

The built environment is varied, as well. You have everything from the 1870s to 2019 in the span of just a few blocks. This was actually a Greek neighborhood in the 1960s, and then it went downhill by the late Twentieth Century.

There are still little reminders of the small, relatively isolated houses such as the one below; I do not know if it is occupied or not, but it still has value, in my opinion.

And finally, apparently many of the houses seen in the photos I took from the porch of Urban Chestnut have been demolished for a new apartment or condominium project. I find that unfortunate, but it is what it is.

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