The Lemp Story

The strange and complicated history of St. Louis’ German brewing empires

Unveiling the real Johann Adam Lemp

Adam Lemp’s riverfront brewery was the birthplace of lager beer in St. Louisand perhaps America

What did Adam Lemp’s Western Brewery look like? We’ll never knowbut here are some clues

What was “Lemp’s Cave” really like?

The Lemps, the Braunecks, and the secrets of Lot 36

Who was Louise Bauer Lemp, Adam Lemp’s mysterious third wife?

What happened to Charles Brauneck, and why was he written out of the Lemp Brewery’s history?

Another mystery enters the Lemp family saga

Exploring the unseen cornersand hidden historyof the Lemp Brewery Complex

Building a portrait of Lemp’s long-gone Cherokee brew house

The Lemp Malt House was built to be functionaland beautiful

How William J. Lemp set a new bar architecturally for St. Louis breweries

The ice trade that kept St. Louis beer flowing

A look at the treatise Louis Lemp wrote when he was a young brewing student

The sporting life of brewery heir, Louis Lemp

Take a look inside a Lemp Brewery Souvenir Book, circa the 1893 Columbian Exposition

Brewery shenanigans, an angry lioness, and a bit of monkeying around at Lemp’s Park

Visiting the Missouri History Museum’s archives to view the famous dresses of Lillian Lemp, a.k.a. “The Lavender Lady”

When a Lemp argued against Prohibitionand for the German Empire

A turn-of-the-century brewery, through the eyes of an architect