The Old Farmhouse, Pleasantview Road

Central Illinois 007

Update: The house was destroyed sometime in the first half of 2019.

Amazing how a change of seasons and the passage of over half a year can change a building. The old farmhouse outside of Washington, Illinois, is still clinging to life, but as you can see from earlier pictures, there has been a vast amount of clearing of underbrush, and all of the outbuildings in the back of the property.

Central Illinois 008

You can actually see in the back of the house, on what was probably an addition to the original “prairie house,” which may be the original building on the property. It apparently looks very similar to the original house on my family’s farm: “two rooms up, two rooms down,” as they say.

Central Illinois 009

Here is the more familiar elevation that I photograph, with the benefit of the missing foliage due to the winter.

I love this photo, and how it captures the sense of isolation.

Central Illinois 011

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  1. Cara says:

    Another year has passed and the old house is still standing but there is less of it left. I was just there yesterday taking photo’s for my photography class.

  2. aWintersTale says:

    Winter’s bones.

  3. Diane says:

    I’ve been by that house a few times but it’s been a number of years. I was always intrigued by it. The last time I took photos and that old truck was in the out building that’s no longer there. The house looks very sad now – probably not much time left for her. 🙁

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