The Wall, Back from the Dead

Update: Here is a piece written by a resident of the Ville neighborhood explaining why the name Homer G. Phillips is so sacred to African Americans in St. Louis. The wall was taken down by construction workers in late 2020.

Remember the preposterous wall that was knocked over in high winds on the site of Pruitt-Igoe, as part of Paul McKee’s bamboozled plan for a three-bed hospital? Remember how his building permits expired, and he had to go back to the Board of Aldermen and reapply for all of his tax giveaways, and he got them yet again? Well guess what, the wall is back from the dead, and no, there is no sign of any construction starting. In a slap in the face to the dignity and memory of assassinated African American medical pioneer Homer G. Phillips, whose name once graced the name of the hospital in the Ville, they are claiming the new hospital will be named after him. In other news, I am in negotiations with the Board of Aldermen to sell them a bridge in Brooklyn.

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