Tower Grove Park Superintendent House

I was able to tour the inside of the Tower Grove Park House, which is restored back to its original appearance.

The house sits in a grove of trees, surrounded by the park.

William Swekosky, Superintendent’s Residence, Tower Grove Park, c. 1900, Missouri History Museum, N05271

I would find it a little unsettling to live in the middle of a park in the city, with no neighbors.

See another example of this style of house in Dubuque, Iowa.

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  1. now that TGP is hiring a security guard to walk the park at night, I’d feel a lot better living here (I think I could manage living in this amazing mid-19th century home with garden and greenhouses).

  2. Peggy Ward says:

    I have toured the Superintedent’s home and was in awe of it’s beauty and enjoyed the beautiful stained glass window of a water lily, in the stairway. It was made in honor and memory of my 4th great grandfather James Gurney, friend and head gardner of Henry Shaw. James Gurney was also the first Superintendent of Tower Grove Park who lived in the home and the first of three generations to be Superintendents and reside in the home.

  3. Julie says:

    Looking for pics of exterior steps (porch stairs) of this house. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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