Tree Lined Roads, Palestrina, Italy

Sorry about the bad picture, but I was just thinking about this: in America, these trees would be toast, cut down and burned or thrown into a shredder so the road could be widened and people could speed recklessly. But in Italy, on this busy road leading up to the beautiful suburb of Palestrina in the mountains outside of Rome, the trees remain, and drivers just have to deal with it. I prefer the latter attitude. Drivers in Italy are better than in St. Louis, by the way. Yes, they are.

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  1. Jan says:

    Here in America we have governing agencies that rule what “obstructions” must be removed or relocated when they are too close to a street so that is why we don’t have too many tree lined streets such as this. The driving public here would also be quick to sue a city or town if they hit one of those trees and hence, that is why the government rules have been put into place.

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