Union Boulevard Between Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Wabada, West Side

Passing by MLK Dr., we see increasing abandonment to the west in Wells-Goodfellow. The houses are also more modest.

Judging from the brick patterns on above the doorway and the two upper windows of this four-family, I suspect this buildings front façade was once far more ornamented.

Storefront churches often fill the old corner spaces.

I wonder if the building on the right was once a fire station.

After Cote Brilliante Avenue is a funeral home.

At the corner with Wabada, we see a familiar airbrush mural.

There are two other beautiful buildings, one occupied above, the one below looking abandoned.

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  1. You are correct in that the building in the fifth photo down was a fire house. Per Mark Groth ‘s “St. Louis City Talk” it was engine house #36.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Ah, I would figure Mark would know. Thanks!

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