Up Around the Bissell Water Tower

There are some truly beautiful houses up at the crest of the hill where the Bissell Water Tower stands.

They’re in good condition, for the most part, including this old wood frame house below, probably built when this was the countryside.

Update: The house below was demolished in 2020.

Oh, oops, I just noticed the house is missing most of its windows. And what happened to the house below? It has been sitting like this for a long time.

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  1. James Hanny says:

    So relieved in a sense that St Louisans are waking up to the decay of an encredible legacy of our great City’s which is our architecture. The workmanship that build this tremendous palace of a City, the Jewel of the Middle West, and the skill and devotion to aesthetic homes and a plethora of buildings build to last hundreds of years or more (in my humble
    estimation), is all but ignored by and large.
    A grand and sweeping revitalization of a City dying from the inside out is needed. As stewards of this Gem, this Jewel, this Classic American City, we must form an army of patriots and infuse her with funding, support her with the finest security, and embellish her with the Love, and Appreciation that she deserves. Firstly, we must fight for her very survival, and preserve each treasure. Recruit enthusiastic and truly interested individuals, leaders, and patriots. We need people who want to live here, who will support her needs. And say nothing to all forms of poverty, crime, and indignities. Call out ignorance and apathy, and fiercely enforce laws that enable her to flourish and shine brightly for all the world to see. She requires tremendous funding, and a vision to rebuild, reconstruct, and bring a true beating Heart
    into her.
    Thank You for this important site.

    1. James Hanny says:

      Please mind the typos in the above stated. Typing on an iphone is difficult.

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