Valley Park: Epicenter of Historic Preservation?

Update: Donahue’s is closed, and I believe the buildings have been demolished.

I just read in the Suburban Journals that the mayor of Valley Park is actually working to save an historic building in his city from the expansion of Carol House Furniture. After the complete demolition of historic Ballwin for “Olde Towne Ballwin Center,” I had been fearing for the eventual loss of most of the historic, semi-rural fabric of West County. Let’s hope they’re successful in stopping the demolition of Donahue’s.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks for pointing this out, Chris – I’d completely missed this story. That building is the one that greets you on the main road into Valley Park, the one that proclaims “You have left sprawlville and culdesacland, you’re back in a historic community with a street grid.” It would be a shame to lose it. Keep us posted if you hear of developments!

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