Washington Tabernacle Congregation and the Corner of North Compton Avenue and Washington Boulevard

Washington Tabernacle Baptist Church has called this building home since 1926, and survived a destructive fire in 1945, bringing the building back to life in 1948. It was previously a Presbyterian church. The church is one of many that gave the area the nickname Piety Hill.

Built St. Louis has much better pictures including ones of the interior.

It shows the influence of the English Gothic Revival, particularly with the triangular-shaped window above, which I know has a special name which eludes me right now.

What I like perhaps the most is how intact the urban fabric is at this intersection, devoid of deadening parking lots that sit empty most of the time. Urban Chestnut and others have turned this general area into a much more lively area, and it didn’t need huge swaths of blacktop to do it.

There are still some holes, such as this building down North Compton at Locust.

And this building could be “activated” to create more streetlife.

But the northwest corner has outright come to life after being abandoned for years.

Now if we could just do something about this on the southeast corner…

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