Webster Groves Train Stations

Webster Groves was a city built by the access to railroads, and the two major stations that served the area still stand. The one in downtown Webster Groves is now a Montessori school, whilethe southern train station, serving the Frisco Line, sits empty, though well-preserved. Sitting right by the tracks, one must wonder what use it could serve. Perhaps a small company would be a perfect tenant.

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  1. Patrick Shaw says:

    this may be a silly question but is the rail line in front of the vacant station still in use? if so, has that deterred companies from occupying the station?

  2. Machelle says:

    Would be a cool shop of some sort. Webster like.Machelle

  3. As to the former Frisco station…it is on the (now) Burlingon Northern line, which is a quite active line (although not quite as active as the UP (nee MoPac) line (downtown and Tuxedo Park stations, latter mentioned by Will). It is now owned and occupied by the Big Bend Railroad Club (there since 1938!). Its site is http://www.bigbendrrclub.org/index.shtmlThe Tuxedo Park station (http://www.flickr.com/photos/84263554@N00/5250379430/) actually reminds me of the old Meramec Highlands Frisco station – both, like most, were built for the ages.The Tuxedo Park station is actually in the North-Eastern part of the city, where Tuxedo deadends into Glen Road. The RR donated it to the city, but dunno if the city still owns it.

  4. Chris says:

    It is very similar to the Meramec Highlands station, now that you mention it. I will have to check Tuxedo Park's station out now. Thanks everyone for your input.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why not use it as a passenger station? Why are trains broken in this country? Was Detroit worth it?

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