Weird and Wonderful Tower Grove South: Oleatha Avenue Between Bent and Oak Hill Avenues

Tower Grove South was still being built up in the southwest corner well into the 1930s, as these Cape Cod houses attest.

There are also Gingerbread style houses, as well, which were being built to the southwest in the rapidly expanding St. Louis Hills neighborhood.

This subdivision is the Russell’s Second Addition, and while it was platted much earlier, for whatever reason, perhaps its distance from streetcar lines, it took longer to develop.

As always, I remind readers to wonder why there are much newer houses, from 1954 in this case.

This is the L.B. Russell Addition at this end of the street, again platted much, much longer before these 1950s houses.

Interestingly, down at the end of the block with Oak Hill Avenue, there are two historic photographs that are labeled with two different addresses. I am not sure if they depict two different houses that look slightly different, or if they are the same house that the photographer has confused.

3461 Oak Hill Avenue, 1910-1930, Missouri History Museum, P0245-S03-00167-8n

I think they are probably two separate houses.

3501 Oak Hill Avenue, 1910-1930, Missouri History Museum, P0245-S03-00166-8n

Around the corner is this cool apartment building.

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