Wells-Goodfellow #4

City Hall Tableau and Wells Goodfellow 109

One of the last neighborhoods in the city to be built, in the early decades of the Twentieth Century, Wells-Goodfellow is a huge area. I’ve tried to really grasp the character of this neighborhood, and ultimately I find myself engulfed in a feeling of great sadness; Wells-Goodfellow barely thrived for the life of its first inhabitants before starting to decline. Ravaged by the gang wars of the 1990’s, much of it is now nothing more than wilderness. The house above caught my eye, sitting amongst other abandoned buildings, it has a strange, almost HUD-House third floor added to it.

City Hall Tableau and Wells Goodfellow 114

There is new construction, but while it is perfectly well done, I find it too isolated and disjointed to compel a major change in the overall declining character of the neighborhood. It is sort of like a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

City Hall Tableau and Wells Goodfellow 112

More awesome multi-family buildings trying to disguise themselves as single family houses…And finally, the ubiquitous corner store, of the the only place to shop in blocks. A surprising number are closed.

City Hall Tableau and Wells Goodfellow 115

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