When the Levee Breaks

Update: The entire riverfront in front of the Arch was completely renovated and this sign was removed along with much of the concrete work seen in these photos.

I love this sign; first of all, it has directions for RV’s and cars, but it’s facing away from anywhere someone in a car could see it. Secondly, it has a sign that says that there are riverboats to the left and right. You would have to be a complete idiot not to be able to see that already. Plus, there aren’t actually riverboats in both directions any more.

But you have to love this view of the Cahokia Power Station through MacArthur and Poplar Street Bridges.

Here is the Eads Bridge.

And finally, a look at the historic Belgian blocks of the levee, patiently awaiting the return of riverboats to the front door of St. Louis. There was once a building for the harbormaster, but it is long gone.

Bain News Service, Harbormaster Building, c. 1910-15, Library of Congress, LC-B2- 2393-5

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