Wick Park, Youngstown

My first stop off the interstate in Youngstown was Wick Park, which is a historic district up on a plateau of sorts just north of the downtown area.

The outstanding focal point of the neighborhood and sitting at the end of Park Avenue where it t-bones with 5th Avenue is the Stambaugh Auditorium. I think it is readily apparent that there was probably a second wing intended to be built that was never finished. Designed by Harvey Wiley Corbett, it opened in 1926.

The park itself is very nice but very simple and if there were pavilions or other features at one point they are gone now.

There has been some rehabbing going on around the park.

Interestingly, while the large houses and mansions are for the most part wood frame, there are these brick apartment buildings on a side street.

The vast majority of houses are in the Georgian Revival style, such as the house below, which looks to be in the process of being renovated.

There’s also this Tudor Revival gem.

There is a lot of abandonment, however.

There are houses from earlier, as well, such as the one below in what I would call a Shingle Style or Queen Anne.

Heading down the hill away from the park, the houses are less elaborate, and more abandonment appears.

Also, there is a lot of vacant land; Youngstown is famous for demolishing large numbers of abandoned houses in the last decade or so.

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