Women of Bellefontaine Cemetery

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The are different reasons why sculptures of human figures appear in cemeteries. Above, this is clearly meant to be a likeness of the deceased.

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Likewise, the presumed angel above alludes to the heavenly messenger found at Christ’s tomb after the Resurrection.

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But more often, as the women who met the angel at the tomb connote, females are traditionally expected to show emotion, and likewise, tend to the graves of the deceased. I recently explored a road I’d never gone down in Bellefontaine, and the statue above is easily one of the interesting and somber in the whole cemetery. It reminds me of the untitled sculpture at the Adams Memorial in Washington DC’s Rock Creek Cemetery.

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  1. Richard Lay- Bellefontaine says:

    Thanks for the post and your passion for Bellefontaine Cemetery!

  2. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    What a sweet and endearing sentiment did Mr. Hiemenz compose for his wife’s memorial!

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