Around Woodford County, Illinois, June 2022

I went around and looked at some of the towns northeast of the family farm. I started with Eureka, the county seat of Woodford County. I could have sworn I had featured the courthouse before, but apparently not.

Got to love the bank where they filled in the windows–who needs natural light when there’s amazing florescent lightbulbs at your disposal?

I looked at this house way back in 2010; it was already abandoned back then and still is today. I wonder what its long term prospects are.

Heading north out of town, past Maple Lawn Nursing Home, which demolished the historic original building I documented back in 2009, I eventually reached this cemetery way out in the country.

I was not able to figure out its name, but it is southeast of the town of Washburn.

The sun was glaring down on the granite monuments when I visited.

Arriving in the town of Washburn on the east side, I spotted the school, which I thought was abandoned at first until I realize the windows were not actually boarded up but filled in with smaller windows.

There was this interesting commercial building in downtown on Main Street, which seems to be quite old but with a new front.

Back on the side streets are some large homes that have been simplified with the removal of their millwork.

There are many, many churches that look like this one.

Back out in the countryside north of Roanoke, there are many corncribs such as the one below that are now functionally obsolete and being left to deteriorate.

In the actual town of Roanoke is this great building that is trapezoidal in shape, following the street grid and alley. It would never be built today.

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  1. W. White says:

    Based on the remaining old windows, I would say the building you pointed out on Main Street in Washburn was probably a school. I have seen other Victorian school buildings with similar horseshoe windows. I have also seen some synagogues with similar windows, but I believe a school is a more likely guess than synagogue in this case.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Ah, yes! The two one-story wings flanking the main core could easily be classrooms. Good thinking.

  2. Traci Kraemer says:

    Ha! I laugh about those bank “windows” every time we go through Eureka. Love your page and oddly, I am a transplant in your home turf of Deer Creek. Keep doing what you do!

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Thanks! So you live in Deer Creek or St. Louis now?

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