Wright Street: Almost Completely Gone

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The City of St. Louis cut ties with Paul McKee’s Northside in June of 2018. The house below was torn down shortly after I photographed it.

I probably shouldn’t have gone back to the 1900 block of Wright, because what I saw there was even more depressing than when I visited two months ago. What had once been a somewhat viable block a mere year ago is now reduced to future “urban prairie.”Above is all that is left of this house, which I photographed before. You can see the ruins here, at the old post.

Above was the location of the powder blue house and its neighbors, now obliterated. See them here.

But by far the most disgusting demolition on the block was started by the city on a building that could have been saved, easily. See my original post here, and then view the sad remnants below. Unbeknownst to me originally, the long block, as others have named the apartments, were technically two buildings, built next to each other to give the impression of one long building. Unfortunately, with its mate demolished, the remaining half is now in an alarming state of near collapse, most likely the result of brick rustling.

Above and below, the elegant doors to the apartments sit open, ripe for criminal activity.

Below you can see the ghost left by the adjoining building, with some of the original cast iron from the fireplaces still intact.

The ruins are perhaps almost as terrifying as the butchered houses over on Montgomery (which, by the way, have been put out of their misery by the city), with a huge gaping hole that looks likes it will contract and engulf the street below.

I tried to capture in images the bulge of the outer walls that look like they could collapse at any moment.

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  1. That corner damage was caused by rustlers several months ago. The buidling was part of the demolition package for the block but the owner has sued the city (I don’t know why), halting demolition.

  2. Why’d they tear down the western half? That part wasn’t damaged!

  3. Chris says:

    Seems quixotic, doesn’t it?

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